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Kenn has opened his new store near downtown Kirkland, including a piano showroom and a perfomance space. Please visit our website: www.Stage7Pianos.com
Kenn Wildes has 25 years international experience as a piano technician, including USA, Europe, and Africa. He is a concert tuner for many of the concert and performance venues on the Eastside as well as in Seattle. He has his own restoration workshop specializing in highest quality piano refinishing, rebuilding, and restoration. With over 15 years in the Seattle area, Kenn is quite well known and maintains a few thousand pianos in the Seattle metro area. He also buys and sells pianos, and assists with advice on selling one's piano privately.
I’m Kenn Wildes, and my passion is pianos, having been playing the piano for 44 years, and tuning, restoring, and selling pianos for 25 years. My biggest passion in working with pianos is helping people with their pianos. I do this in many different ways:

-Maintenance of ones piano, including piano tuning, regulation, and repair

-Restoration of ones piano, including refinishing and rebuilding

-Helping one to buy a piano, giving free advice by phone and computer, and inspecting a suitable piano when needed for a small fee

-Helping one to sell a piano, either from your home or from my locations, aiming to reduce the loss of working with mainstream stores

-Helping to assess a pianos’ condition and all available options for improvement, from small to big

-Helping to find piano teachers

-Helping to find piano movers

In addition, I know the local market extremely well, having lived in the Seattle area for 15 years, and having worked at many dealers during that time, as well as taken part in the creation of two different stores.

-I tune from the concert stage to the rich and famous of Medina, to the struggling families or students who I discount half price at times, to the donated tunings for school fundraisers.

-I tune from the concert grand down to the lowly spinet or old upright, even square grands and birdcage pianos.

-I tune for 100+ teachers, 100+ churches, dozens of schools and restaurants.

-I have sold or assisted over 1000 people in buying and selling pianos in the Seattle area.

-I tune for people, not pianos. I am happiest when the people I tune for are able to be happy with their piano.

Pianos are my passion!

Classical piano study was the beginning of my involvement with pianos at a very young age, and this went on to include Ragtime, Jazz, and even pop and rock. I began working on pianos in Boulder, Colorado in 1986, selling my successful business there in 1991, and leaving to continue with pianos in Nairobi, Kenya, importing, restoring, and selling pianos in Africa. In 1996 I returned to Seattle WA, giving my Kenyan business to my working partner at the time, Patrick, and it has succeeded well since then: I have sent him over 300 pianos which he has restored and sold on his own. In addition, 4 other technicians I trained during my 5 years in Kenya all have their own businesses currently operating there. My daughter is half Kenyan / African as well. In Seattle, I have continued to help to train several other technicians and restorers. Between Boulder, Nairobi, and Seattle, I have helped to develop permanent successful piano careers of more than a dozen people in these cities. I currently service a few thousand customers’ pianos in the greater Seattle area, including maintaining the main performance venues on the Eastside for many years, including Meydenbauer Center, Northshore Performance Center, Kirkland Performance Center, Bakes Place, Boxleys, and many more. I have been involved in helping more than 500 people buy their pianos in the Seattle area alone.